Friday, January 13, 2017

Rolls Royce Car Comics

Rolls Royce Ghost & Rolls Royce Dawn, Batman Comics

The comic story is about Tony Stark, a RR Ghost and a RR Dawn.

The style and sequence is based to the Iron Man comics and twist towards the last panel

to sell the 2 RR cars.
Rolls Royce Noir, Batman Comics

A request to follow the storyline of Vintage Batman chasing Joker in similar fashion. 
A story of Batman aka Bruce Wayne chasing after the Joker and his schemes
whilst driving the RR Noir, it's an imagined RR, am not really sure if this car
is available at the moment. 

Commissioned Story Book illustrations

Thursday, January 12, 2017

49 pp Brand Catalogue - 2015 September

This illustration is for a catalogue cover. All done in photoshop
I proposed one page to cut-out and make the bus come to life.
Client didn't buy :)

The final cover design
the actual 49 pages catalogue

... and inside page.
The initial pencil sketch.