Friday, March 6, 2009


Re-designing of LASTIKMAN's costume is my most recent claim-to-fame. Lastikman is one of the most popular comics characters in the Philippines. I'm glad to see that ABS-CBN has been very faithful to the design I did. Thanks to my partnerDodo Dayao for introducing me to the Ravelos.
The Ravelo's (Zaldy and Gina) commissioned me for this project some years back. It's a great feeling to see almost all of my artwork spread all over merchandizing materials.

Comedian actor Vhong Navarro as Lastikman.

Until now i haven't even get hold of this toy action figure of Lastikman, maybe sooner when i get back to the Philippines.


  1. He is a stretch bodied superhero came from another planet to save the earth and people from the forces of evil
    Save the world/mankind protect the innocent and keep the peace was based from 1964 Mars Ravelo story creator of Darna & Capt.Barbell and other heroes made into movies television series comic books/manga animated cartoons/anime action figures /dolls/vehicles and media its official Rayver Cruz is the new Lastikman anew television series coming soon on ABS-CBN/Filipono Channel worldwide .Thanks for the information for your comments in your opinion.From:Wayne

  2. Elongated human is amazing his true identity was Hilario V Lastico /Lastikman becomes a real human being into a stretch vigilante that transform into different shapes and sizes like a ball airplane car truck snake and other objects..thanks!!!from:Wayne

  3. we are using your illustrations for our school project and nothing more. thank you! very good illustrations! :)